The Trump Song

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The Trump Song

The Trump Army's Cover version of "Sweet Caroline" for President Trump!

"President Trump - Where it began... the lobby of Trump Tower..."

This is the Song of the TRUMP ARMY!
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Where it began, the lobby in Trump’s Tower
That’s where we saw him tall and strong

It was in June
Launching his run for POTUS

And proving his critics were all wrong
Who'd have believed he'd come along

Mexican, African
Asian, All Americans
He’s loves you

President Trump
Good times never seemed so good

They were inclined
To believe that he’d never win
But he did

Our shining knight now we don’t feel so lonely
Cause he’s for me and her and you

We used to lose
So much was on our shoulders
But now he’s winning for me and you

Fight, we say fight for him all because
He fights, fights, fights, fights for you