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The Trump Army's Cover version of "Sweet Caroline" for President Trump!"President Trump - Where it began... the lobby of Trump Tower..."This is the Song of the TRUMP ARMY! Send it to all your friends and have them send it to their friends!Imagine! ...the friends of your friends’ friends, the friends of their friends’ friends, ...and so on and on... and on... you get the idea!JOIN NOW and Spread the WORD! Lyrics:Where it began, the lobby in Trump’s TowerThat’s where we saw him tall and strong It was in June Launching his run for POTUSAnd proving his critics were all wrongWho'd...

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2020, Campaign Ad, Defund the Police, Trump -

In a new ad entitled “Break In,” an elderly white woman tries to call police when she hears someone breaking into her home, but according to the dispatcher’s voicemail, no one is available to take her call.

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